Information for visitors

Visa information for visitors from abroad.

Directions by car:

From the south: from Ben Gurion airport and the Tel Aviv area, follow the pdf map. Once you are at the south-entrance to Haifa, follow this pdf map and the following instructions. Take the highway along the shore. The first sign is a blue sign on your right: HAIFA DAROM INTERCHANGE 1 km. About 1 km later there is a green sigh on the right to “Matam”. Shortly thereafter, there is an exit to your right. As you exit you will see on the right side of the exit (which is the left side of the road which continues straight on) two white signs, to Ahuza and Tirat Carmel. The exit ends in a stop sign, at a T where you MUST turn right. Switch to the left lane AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and make a left at the light (you can turn left from either of the two leftmost lanes). You have now entered “Freud St.” Go up to the end of the road. The enclosed map suggests taking a right at the top. you can foollow that route.

Or, you can also make a left and immediately right, then stay on the right at the fork, go under the little bridge (from the left lane), take the next right and follow the road to the Technion.

Note: to enter the Technion with a car you need to obtain permission in advance. This can be arranged by me or by the departmental administrator. If you cannot enter by car, you can park your car at the entrance.

Directions by public transportation:

Either take a train (Site) to “Hof Carmel” or take a bus (the Hebrew site or the English site to a station with the same name (this is at the south west of Haifa).

From there take bus number 11 to the Technion: here is its schedule for August 2005 to the Technion and from the Technion. A taxi should cost around 40NIS.

Once you are inside the Technion, here is how to get to my office.

From the main gate: go straight, past the little circle, until the road ends (park your car if you have one). You are now at the end of the main parking lot, and at the beginning of the university main “walk”. Continue walking straight: you will pass two buildings (on your left), two-three stories each. The next building on your left looks like an 8 story building: its the Electrical Engineering (Meyer) building. The main entrance is on your left (to the right of the stairs going down), and it is on the third floor.

Upon entering the Electrical Engineering building turn right. Use the elevators or the stairs (to the right of the elevators) to get to the 6th floor. My office number is 669 (and the internal phone number is 4743): As you exit the elevator (or the stairs) turn right, and at the “T” turn left. My office is just before the next set of stairs, on the left, at the end of a little corridor.