Changes between the first and second printings of the book Large Deviations for Performance Analysis

Note: The second printing is a minor corrected printing. All equation numbers, page numbers, theorem numbers, etc., remain the same between the two printings.

Note: Mathematics doesn’t show up well in HTML (the web). Therefore we use TeX notation for math in this page.

Note: The correction files are PostScript files. You’ll need a PostScript printer or viewer to use them. You’ll notice that the partial correction files add up to many more bytes than the complete file. That’s because each file (except the index) has a huge header containing fonts.

Download all the corrections except the index. (731 Kbytes)
Download the corrected index. (66 Kbytes)

Description of the corrections, and options to download specific parts.

  • Title page: Adam Shwartz is really at the Technion, and Alan Weiss is really at Bell Labs. No kidding. The back cover has it right. OK?

Download the corrections for Chapters 1-5. (303 Kbytes)

  • Pages 6,7 New acknowledgments, new pointers for updates
  • Page 9 A cosmetic change
  • Page 24 Typo in equation (1.13): y should be a. Also, the last equation on the page should have -\ell(a), not \ell(a)
  • Pages 31, 32 Minor clarification; typo in equation (2.3): e^{-nI…} should be e^{+nI…}
  • Page 59 Typo in last paragraph: (4.9) should be (4.8)
  • Pages 65, 66 Typos in Exercise 4.16 (“is” should be “be”) and equation (4.16) ( (z_t) ds should be (z_s) ds)
  • Page 73 Clarification of first equation, and correction of a typo

Download the corrections for Chapter 6. (350 Kbytes)

  • Pages 132, 133, 139, 143, 147-152, 154-156 There are a number errors in this chapter, some really worth fixing. We suggest you download the corrections.

Download the corrections for Chapter 9-Appendix D. (535 Kbytes)

  • Page 251 Typo in equation below (9.19): missing 2 in denominator
  • Page 259 Typo in Example 10.4: frac 1 K should be 1/K
  • Page 262 Typo in equation 11.6: the condition in the first line should be x>0, or x=0 and y>0
  • Page 264 Typo in last two equations: In the first of these, I_0^T should be I_o^t. The line between the two equations should read “for t > 0 (see Definition 6.14) where”. And in the second equation, F(x, y, t) should not have t>0 as a condition
  • Page 267 Typo in middle equation: numerator should be y + sqrt(y^2 + …), not y^2 + sqrt(y + …)
  • Page 286 Typo above (11.39): $\mu < \lambda$ should be $\lambda < \mu$. Also, last sentence of first paragraph of End Notes is poorly worded.
  • Page 335 Typo in equation 13.37: cosh(z) = (C-w)/x
  • Page 350 Typo in second line of Justification: verify, not verity
  • Page 379 Typo in equation (13.135): both roots should contain sums, not differences (y_i^2 + 4\lambda…, not y_i^2 – r\lambda…)
  • Page 386 End notes changed a bit
  • Page 417 Typo in third line: Malgouyres, not Malgouyers
  • Pages 425, 426 Mistake in equation (15.15): the right-hand minimization is also over {\lambda_1(1) \ge \mu_2 (1)}, and the next 3 lines of discussion should be removed. The paragraph at the bottom of 425 and top of 426 is changed to accommodate this new condition. Typo in equation (15.20): there should be an e_3 at the end of the first line
  • Pages 429-431 Exercise 15.11, last line, add “You might also use (15.24).” Page 430, last 3 lines, change B to D. Page 431, fifth line, change A to N.
  • Page 442 Typo in equation (15.54): V(y) should be V(y*)
  • Page 453 Typo in first line: mu should be \mu. Also typo in third paragraph: 2 log (\mu/\lambda) should be 2 log (\mu/2\lambda)
  • Page 455 Typos below (15.83): u_1 > 0 and u_2 > u_0 should be u_1 > u_2 > 0. Also, “u_1 = u_1” should be “u_1 = u_2”
  • Page 457 Typo in last equation: u_2, not u_0
  • Page 476 Typo: Definition A.52 should be Definition A.32, and should refer you forward to Definition A.52
  • Page 484 Typo just above Definition A.75: …any book on real analysis…, not …any book an real analysis…
  • Page 500 Typo: Equation (B.8) should be the one starting “L = “, not the one starting “T_t = “
  • Pages 517-520 Typo in equation (C.3): the first script l should be an f; mistake at the end of Theorem C.1, the equation “S\cap F = S\cap O” should just be the phrase “S\cap F”. In the paragraph above Lemma C.4, the following phrase should appear: “With some abuse of notation, we will write $r\in G$ when we mean $(r, T_r)\in G$.” In the proof of Lemma C.5, the countability of the required modifications follows from absolute continuity, not simply continuity.
  • Page 523 In the statement of Lemma C.9, change the phrase “the conditions of Lemma C.8” to “all the conditions of Lemma C.8”
  • Page 532 Typo just above exercise D.12: “if is possible” should read “it is possible”

Download the corrections to the index. (67 Kbytes)

  • Pages 551-556 We made several changes to the index.

Errata sheet for second printing (currently empty).


New corrections:

  • Page 264 just above Corollary 11.1, Theorem 6.17 should be Theorem 6.77 (to have a theorem that applies to discontinuities)
  • Page 277 just above Theorem 11.19, Theorem 6.17 should be Theorem 6.77 (to have a theorem that applies to discontinuities)
  • Pages 309–310 last line of 309, $N(t)$ has rate $n\epsilon$, and on line 2 of page 310, the jump rate should be $(\epsilon – z_n^\epsilon (t) )/\epsilon$ as long as $z_n^\epsilon (t) > 0$.