Information about former students


Eitan Altman:  “Controlled Markov chains under constraints”; Ph.D., June 1990.  Currently Director of Research, INRIA, Sophia Antipolis and Invited Professor at the University of Avignon, Agroparc campus.  For papers describing this and later joint work see.

Nahum Shimkin: “Stochastic Control of Distributed Systems”; Ph.D., April 1992. Currently Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering, Technion. For papers describing this and later joint work see.

David Levanony: “Recursive methods for identification in continuous-time stochastic Processes”; Ph.D., May 1992. Co-advisor: Prof. O. Zeitouni. Currently Senior Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering, BenGurion University. For papers describing this work see.



Michael Nehorai: “Recursive estimation in Semi-Markov models,” M.Sc., June 1990.

Rachel Levi: “A theory of approachability and throughput-delay tradeoff in a queue with impatient customers,” M.Sc., June 1994. For the paper describing this work see.

Mathew Jacobson: “Two time scale Markov Decision processes.” M.Sc., October 1994–February 1999. (Co-advisor, together with Nahum Shimkin). This is also described in greater details in two reports: Part I (pdf) and part II (pdf). Mathew obtained his Ph.D. from Electrical Engineering, University of Michigan, 2006 and is now in the Biotechnology industry.

Alexander Zadorojniy: Constrained Markov decision processes with applications to wireless communications. 2003- June 2004. For the paper describing this work see my cv. Now a Ph.D. student, Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University.

Maxim Ioresh: Large deviations for a polling system with exhaustive service. October 2003—August 2005.



Yair Carmon wrote a report as part of a “personal topics” or “advanced topics” course: “Markov decision processes with general discount functions“, completed November 2007.


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