My CV, which includes a list of publications, with pointers to some (mostly recent) papers.

I edited a book, on Markov Decision Processes, together with Eugene Feinberg.


Together with Jim Gillis, we have developed some software to help Associate Editors with their duties. This is tailored especially for IEEE Automatic Control, but can be easily modified to accomodate other publications. This package was used for IEEE Automatic Control, IEEE Communications, IEEE Information Theory, SIAM J. Control Optimization, Stochastic Processes and their Applications, and probably some other journals. The package is called CARS, and the main package, CARS.mail , includes the manual (J. Gillis and A. Shwartz, “The CARS software package,” SRC, University of Maryland, August 1991). Additional files can be found in the same directory.

Preprints of other works are also available:

Workshop on ATM Traffic Management, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (ENST), Paris, France, December 1995, “ Bit dropping in ATM: A large deviations analysis, ” with A. Weiss.
Slides of the talk at the ATM conference.

PDF of the book Large Deviations for Performance Analysis

Slides of “ Large Deviations for performance analysis, ” a series of talks I gave at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies, December 11-14, 1995.

Abstract of “ Large Deviations for Performance Analysis, ” invited minicourse: 3 lectures, The Lunteren Conference, Lunteren, Holland, January 1995.

  1. Shwartz and R. Levi, “ Throughput-Delay tradeoff with impatient arrivals, ” Proc. 23 Allerton Conference on Communications, Control and Computing, Illinois, 1994.

Slides of “ Call Admission: A New Approach to Quality of Service ,” a talk I gave at BRIMS, HP Labs, Brighton, England, August 1997.

PDF file of “controlling rare events,” a lecture I gave at the Probability and Stochastic Processes seminar, Technion, 3 May 2005. PS version.